About Us

The North Hungarian IT Cluster aims at playing a bridging role between the scientific centres of the North Hungarian region and the players of the IT market, and also wishes to play an advocacy role, enabling a more effective representation of the IT companies of the region towards the central government. As the name of the cluster suggests most of its activities take place in the North Hungarian region. The cluster was founded in June 2007 by five companies, to achieve – by building on the knowledge base of the region, and by uniting the research and development capacities of the member companies and exploring the existing synergies – R&D results that are suitable for creating marketable products and services, in the areas of business IT, convergent technology, internet IT and industrial IT. The member companies are active in the areas of IT service provision, professional, academic, technical activities, and in connection with a project for establishing an infopark – in real estate transactions. R&D&I activities are performed within the frames of the cluster in so-called sections that are organised by the most important professional areas within the IT sector. Through their operation information and knowledge sharing and project generation are implemented efficiently. At present four sections are active: Business/Financial/Bank IT Section; Convergent Technologies Section; Internet IT Section; Industrial IT Section.

After 2010 and 2012, the cluster was awarded again the title of Accredited Innovation Cluster in 2014.

The cluster was awarded  the tilte „European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label” in the qualification’s system of the European Union in 2014.

The main activities of the cluster:

• Research activities in information and communication technology and in mobile technology sectors

• Domain and storage service, on-line marketing

• Bank IT

• Automation, industrial IT

• ERP, CRM systems

• Custom software development

• Testing

• Software and hardware trade


At present the cluster has 41 members, from these 37 are SMEs, 1 is a large company (National Instruments Hungary Kft.), and 3 are non-profit organisations (Eszterházy Károly College, University of Miskolc and Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research). The total net sales of all the members of the cluster for 2010 was nearly HUF 45,7 billion (roughly EUR 164 million), from which the sales of SMEs was HUF 16 billion (roughly EUR 57 million).

Project Plans:

1. Researching the borderline of technology and business in the area of banking front office products

2. Development of 5th generation Internet banking solutions

3. Development of a modular video-processing framework and marketable products based on it

4. Creating an IT and medical-professional basis, as well as working prototypes of a distant healthcare service system

5. Development of a language-independent, real-time telephone call sorting programme

6. Development of the ready-to-manufacture prototype of a robot model and environment based on robotics solutions

7. Tudás Park Miskolc EgyetemVáros 2015 (Miskolc UniverCity- Knowledge Park)

8. Junior education -  IT vocational guidance of students - complex program

9. IT Dual Educational Center (www.idkk.hu)

10. WorkShops for IT professionals -  ITrend MeetUps

11. Team builder events: FocIT- football cup